Live Well
October 2019

A Vision for the Future of Our Planet

In recent months, I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about the climate crisis and how we can do our part to mitigate it. A topic that has come up in conjunction with this is changing our view of the money economy as the sole economy. More specifically, that focusing solely on the current metrics of economic growth might no longer serve us as the principal measure of success.

Our current global economic system has depleted many of the earth’s natural resources and is on track to make the planet inhabitable for future generations. So, the status quo is really no longer an option. What we need to start thinking about instead is sustainable economic growth that focuses on the well-being of the planet and the majority of its inhabitants, rather than a select few. Businesses need to take into account all of the following: sustainable land management and use of the earth’s natural resources; as well as fair wages and adequate health services for their employees. There have been steps in this direction: In mid-August, the CEOs of several companies, announced at The Business Roundtable that they would start to focus on stakeholder value rather than shareholder value.

What does this vision of a new economy encompass? This new vision takes into consideration the fact that we can’t have continuous growth in a world where resources (human and natural) are finite. We are all part of a larger system in which different parts need to work together. I’m not quite sure how we achieve this but it is a worthwhile thought to keep in mind as we conduct our daily interactions and transactions.



I recently participated in a 30-mile Bike to Barns event in the Adirondacks, organized by the Adirondack North Country Association. The bike ride celebrated the agricultural diversity of farms in the region.
See slideshow here.



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