Suggested Reading & More

We are inundated with so much information on health and nutrition that it’s sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. I am continually reading and searching for articles that provide accurate information in an engaging and understandable way. As a result, I am compiling a list of interesting articles that I’d like to share with you.

  • A great piece (with some frightening statistics) on the obesity epidemic in the United States. READ ARTICLE
  • This is an interesting article on the need for grass-roots organizing to bring about change in
    the food system. READ ARTICLE
  • A must-read about how Monsanto may have know that glyphosphate is a human carcinogen. READ ARTICLE
  • More on the ill effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. READ ARTICLE
  • A great compilation of articles by notable food advocates. Definitely worth a read. READ ARTICLE
  • This is a great piece on recent research indicating that increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is causing crops to contain lower nutrient levels. READ ARTICLE
  • I highly recommend going to see this documentary about one of the first female farm activists in the U.S., Dolores Huerta. READ ARTICLE
  • Here’s an interesting article on what it takes to fix America’s health crisis – eating whole, real and clean foods. READ ARTICLE
  • I highly recommend listening to this interview with Mary McKenna, who just published a book called Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats. READ ARTICLE
  • This is an interesting article about how multinational food companies are expanding their presence in developing countries and, with that, expanding the rates of obesity and diabetes. READ ARTICLE